IIT Madras Research Park to Host Pfizer

IIT Madras Research Park to Host Pfizer’s Launch of Global Drug Development Centre

Pfizer, which developed the mRNA-based vaccination against the novel coronavirus, announced the establishment of a worldwide drug development center in India to facilitate advanced research and development (R&D) in the country’s pharma.

According to the corporation, the 61,000-square-foot research and technology center would be built at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Madras Research Park in Chennai. Pfizer claims to have put over Rs 150 crore into it.

Moment of pride and growth, for Asians, particularly for India, as this global drug Research and Technology center is set to be one of the 12 global R&D centers currently present, while being the only one within Asia, to be set up in Chennai.

The research center is aimed at aligning with the country’s larger national objective to improve access to critical drugs and ensure affordable pricing. The center fosters convergence with the availability of digital solutions while leveraging academic collaborations

Pfizer India’s country manager – S. Sridhar noted that this global drug R&D center will be exemplary of state of art, ultra-modern, well advanced laboratory by Pfizer. It is slated to become the flag bearer of constructive opportunity.

The center will foster the development of finished dosage form (FDFs) and active pharmaceutical ingredients such as controlled-release dosage form, lyophilised injections, device-combination products, and ready-to-use formulations. The organization also will support the sales of products in the global marketplace through Pfizer’s manufacturing centers located around the world.

Pfizer’s drug research center in the IIT Madras Research Park is a positive chance for Pfizer to establish one of the world’s most advanced laboratories for R&D in the aforementioned disciplines in Chennai, as well as an opportunity to exhibit the country’s R&D capabilities.

Sabestian Miller

Sabestian Miller

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