About Us

Pharma Geek is the publication of record for healthcare IT, providing pharmaceuticals, clinical and drug development news, analysis, and data to innovators at provider groups, payers, pharma companies, tech, and venture capital firms as well as startups. For more than a decade, Pharma Geek has identified and contextualized the emerging trends in the healthcare industry helping its readers shape what’s next in healthcare.

The company was founded in starting of 2022 as a print magazine that helped everyday people live richer lives by learning clinical and drug development news, Also pharmaceuticals, and healthcare IT news that improved their bottom line.

Pharma Geek publishes daily online and via its must-read newsletter which includes special in-depth issues every Monday. And to make sure you don’t miss anything, Pharma Geek also offers a weekly newsletter edition that rounds up the most important and interesting articles from the week.

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