Pen Needles by Roche Diabetes Care

ACCU-FINE Pen Needles by Roche Diabetes Care Offers Virtually Painless Insulin Delivery

On Monday, Roche Diabetes Care India (RDC India) announced the launch of a new line of high-quality and innovative needles for painless insulin delivery. They christened these needles as ACCU-FINE. According to the company, these pens are intended to make the procedure of insulin delivery easier and painless for diabetes patients.

This pen’s needle includes a unique cut at the tip to ensure comfortable insertion. Furthermore, the needle features a small wall to allow for quick insulin delivery, as well as a unique coating that makes it easy to put into the skin.

In its press statement, the company mentioned that the ACCU-FINE needles will be available in a pack of 100 in three different variants including 33G 4mm type, which will be the first of its kind in India. These pen needles are designed keeping in mind consumer insights. They offer three primary feature which allows them to remain gentle in use.

Regular and timely insulin administration is imperative for efficient diabetes care. However, the process of injecting insulin is unpleasant to some diabetes patients because of their fear of needles. This could cause a delay in insulin initiation, which is directly related to poor glycemic control – a leading cause of clinical complications.

Roche’s initiative #PutPatientsFirst is committed to offering improved patient care. They believe their ACCU-FINE Pen Needles will make the experience of insulin initiation easier and virtually painless. With this innovation, they are taking a step close to helping diabetes patients better manage their conditions.

The company also announced that the product is already available for purchase across pharmacies in India. Innovations such as these are giving tailwinds to growth witnessed in the healthcare sector. Thanks to favorable government policies and laws, more innovations are on cards that will up the quality of patient care in the country in the near future.

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